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Is Microblading or Eyebrow Tattoo with a machine Permanent? 

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Is Microblading or Eyebrow Tattoo with a machine Permanent? 

Microblading or Eyebrow Feathering with a machine are both Semi-Permanent.  Many artists use different names for the same procedures due to cultural differences, artistic expression, and marketing. whether it’s a permanent or semi-permanent procedure the treatments can’t be washed off, this can be confusing for the client. Some may think they want something semi-permanent for a fear of commitment and some may think they want something to last forever so they never need to worry about it again.

Both of these treatments enter the dermal-epidermal junction it means that your body will eventually “push” out the pigment over time. With that said, using a machine will produce longer lasting results than Microblading.

Microblading or Cosmetic Tattoo done with a machine should be differentiated from Body Tattooing which IS permanent. Body tattoo is different from microblading or Cosmetic tattoo with a machine in that a tattoo goes DEEPER into the skin and into an area known as the dermis. Cosmetic Tattoo does NOT go that deep and enters into a place in the skin known as the dermal epidermal junction. You can compare this to tattoos which may slightly fade over time but they are ALWAYS going to be there (unless you get laser removal therapy). 

Because of this Microblading or Cosmetic Tattoo done with a machine is known as a “semi-permanent” cosmetic procedure. So what basically happens is that some pigment is placed at about a medium depth in the skin which will eventually fade over time and on its own. Eyebrow Tattoo procedures are considered semi-permanent because this pigment will be there for an intermediate length of time (about 12-15 months if you get it done right). During this time it will appear like a tattoo does, meaning you will see the pigment and the strokes, but it WILL eventually fade over time. 

Which brings us to our next point: 

So How Long Does Microblading or Eyebrow Tattoo with a digital machine Last?

If you have any interest in getting Microblading or Eyebrow Tattoo with a machine done then you should know exactly how long it will last. This is important because it can help guide your decision to help you know if this is a procedure for you. Unlike a body tattoo which you only pay for up front, eyebrow tattoo procedures (all cosmetic tattoo treatments in general) will require a touch up or a second treatment in order to continue on with your results. You can think about a touch-up as a quick refresher in which your artist will re-apply the strokes or soft shading (depending on which eyebrow treatment you chose) and continue to put pigment into your skin. This process is really considered an integral part of Cosmetic tattoo procedure and a step that shouldn’t be skipped. 

So under normal circumstances you would go in for your initial appointment (which is generally 2-3 hours long) and then you would recover from this and go back for a second treatment in about 4-16weeks. This pigment that was placed will naturally fade in about 3-6 months UNLESS you get your touch up or second treatment. This is kind of a good time frame for people to get used to the “new look” that they have and allows them to determine if they do indeed want to keep their brows looking a certain way. It’s also an important time for you to determine if you want to make any changes. Sometimes the shape of your brows can be altered at the touch-up to fit your idea of what you want them to look like. But what’s important here is that the actual procedure of the touch-up helps “solidify” your results and helps them last even longer. So if you only get the initial microbladed or Eyebrow Tattoo procedure you can expect your results to last around 3-6 months. If you go back in about 4-16 weeks to get your touch-up or second treatment done then you can expect your results to last even longer – around 12-15 months. 

Other factors will influence the length of time that your results will stick around such as skin type and following the right aftercare. In addition the skill or your artist also plays a role: 

If your artist doesn’t go “deep” enough into the skin then your brows will naturally fade faster as the body pushes the pigment out of the skin. If the pigment is placed in the epidermal area (which is not very deep) then your body will probably kick out all of the pigment over the course of 60 days or so which is the natural life cycle of your skin! 

If you want your results to last as long as possible then I encourage you to  follow the aftercare instructions from your artist as close as possible. Because this will help your results last long and stay beautiful  

Final Thoughts

As a word of caution: 

One of the worst things you can do is go to an inexperienced Cosmetic Tattoo artist or microblader!

This is your face we are talking about and they are putting a sharp blade/needle and pigment into your skin. 

Many women have had poor results by going to inexperienced microbladers or Cosmetic tattoo artist and have been in a situation where they want to fade their brows as quickly as possible. 

Now I want to hear from you:

Are you thinking about getting Microblading or Eyebrow Tattoo done?

What are you concerns, if any?



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