Scar camouflage

Living with scars can be devastating. Whatever the cause, scarring can damage your self-esteem, wreck your confidence and leave you feeling that part of who you are has been taken away.

Our scar camouflage treatment is a long-term solution to scarring. With clients coming from around the world with scars ranging from the minor to the severe, specialist Sep Ashkani brings all her artistic skill to bear to effectively conceal even seriously disfiguring scars.

Sep is driven by a desire to give you the same new lease of life – the same confidence, knowing your scars are camouflaged, as if they were no longer there at all, allowing you to get back to living your life. The results can be truly life-changing.

“Colour corrections”

We can do any colour corrections and fix of old permanent makeup procedures. This might take time and may need more than one procedure.

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