Areola (Nipple) Reconstruction

Creating the nipple areola is the final procedure to making your breast reconstruction complete. Some patients are comfortable with the success of the surgery and do not wish to have further surgery. Others choose the non-surgical option of medical tattooing. This allows colour pigmentation to simulate the nipple areola with outstanding results. The reconstruction of the nipple areola helps to put the finishing touches on the new breast after a long journey in reconstruction.

After optimal symmetry between the breasts has been achieved by drawing the new areola shape, the nipple areola reconstruction can be done. There are a number of factors that will be noted during consultation for the procedure, like the colour, type of scarring and then the work needed as many do not need both areola’s worked on.

Scar camouflage after breast surgery

Sometimes patients want no tell tell signs of surgery. The obvious way is to camouflage any scars that would give it away. This procedure will improve the appearance of post-surgical scarring around the areola due to breast reduction or breast uplift surgery, custom blended pigments are infused through the areola outward into the scar tissue to camouflage the scar.

Cosmetic Enhancement

For men and women who are not happy with the size and wish for a larger areola, uneven in shape and too pale or the contour of the areola can not been seen, then cosmetic tattooing can achieve a balanced shape, even colouring and give better contour.

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