Alopecia Areata is a hair loss disorder. In most cases the scalp hair falls out in small round patches, but in some cases Alopecia Areata can result in total loss of hair on the head, the face and the body.

Who is affected by alopecia areata?

Alopecia affects approximately 1.7 percent of the population with both men and women being equally affected. About twenty five percent of patients have a family history of the disorder.

What causes alopecia areata?

It is considered that Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease. Normally the immune system protects the body against infection and disease. In an autoimmune disease the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks some part of its own body. In the Alopecia Areata disorder it is thought that the immune system attacks the hair follicles from which the hair grows. In addition there is believed to be a genetic component in some cases and some studies have shown a link with stress.

Medical tattooing – a versatile solution to eyebrow and eyelash hair loss. If the Alopecia results in the loss of the eyebrows and the eyelashes medical tattooing also known as cosmetic tattooing, can provide a long term solution to the problem. Realistic looking eyebrows can be achieved by creating the illusion of ultra fine hair strokes through the implantation of pigments into the skin. If you have sparse or no eyelashes medical tattoo enhancement can give life like definition to the eyes. Natural enhancement or a flattering make-up affect, that does away with the need for constant make-up re-application – and the major benefit for to medical tattooing to reconstruct the appearance of eyebrows and eyelashes is the effect never smears off the skin even though sleep, sport and the weather.

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