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Sep is a qualified Permanent makeup artist and lash technician with a growing client list, requiring her expertise in achieving natural effect of Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lips. Her attention to detail is what brings her loyal clientele back time and time again. The results are impressive and life changing for many of her clients…..

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Does the eyebrow tattooing hurt?No, not really. On a scale of 1-10, most clients report a discomfort of about a 3. At the beginning of your treatment you will feel a scratching feeling while I am doing my first pass and marking the shape and design of the brow with the fine needles.

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How long will they last?This varies from person to person because skin type, diet, genetics and environmental factors can all contribute to how long the pigments will be retained.

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Treatment Prices

Permanent Eyebrows – $550 – $770
Permanent Eyeliner – $440 top or bottom eyeliner only/ $650 top and bottom eyeliner – inc Touchup
Permanent Lip Colour – $650 full lip colour/ $440 Lip liner – inc Touchup
Beauty Spot – $50 inc Touchup
Hair Replacement – Quote can be given at consultation
Areola (Nipple) Reconstruction – $375 per breast – Inc touchup
Scar Camouflage – Quote can be given at consultation

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